Introducing the First Annual CCR Canada Christmas ‘Advent Calendar’

Enevoldson, Joe
After losing the bulk of their roster from last year’s team that won a silver medal at the 2018 CCAA Championships, Joe Enevoldson has the Douglas College Royals enter the holiday break in third place in the PacWest BC standings. (Source: Varsity Letters)

SARNIA, Ontario — Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to get into the holiday spirit.

An Advent calendar is a calendar that is used to count down the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Many kids have calendars filled with pieces of chocolate in which they get from opening cardboard doors each day from December 1st through the 25th. There are many renditions of the calendar, but they all have the same significance.

We’ve decided to put our own little spin on the traditional Advent calendar. No, you won’t get any chocolate or some sort of treat from behind a cardboard flap or in any boxes. But, what you will get is some expanded basketball coverage from coast-to-coast over the 25 days leading up to Christmas Day.

Starting on Saturday, December 1st, the first annual CCR Canada Advent Calendar will get underway online, giving you a different look into the Canadian collegiate basketball landscape each day up until Christmas Day.

Here’s what we mean.

Across U Sports and the CCAA, there are a total of 107 schools that take part in basketball across Canada. It’s safe to say that each program and the student-athletes don’t get the level of attention and admiration that they deserve on a regular basis, and that’s a big reason why CCR Canada was started in the first place. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and we want to share them with the rest of the country and the basketball world.

We are always trying to think of different ideas to get more coverage for the programs on a regular basis, and with the holiday season in full swing, it was only right to tie in a holiday tradition to our expanded coverage.

So, with that, the idea for the CCR Canada Advent Calendar was born.

The concept is simple. Each day, we will release a new feature article that focuses on one of the nine leagues/conferences across the country. Like a traditional Advent calendar, the subject of the article won’t be known until the day it’s released. We will release the conference of focus the day prior as a precursor for what’s to come, but that will be all that is released until the article hits our website in the morning.

Like the concept itself, the goal of the project is simple. We want to continue to Spread The Word on collegiate basketball in Canada, and this will help to build on our message from day one. We will do our best to have an equal distribution across all conferences, as well as men’s and women’s basketball at both the college and university level.

There will be coach interviews, team-specific pieces, conference-specific previews and recaps, among other articles throughout the month. We have also enlisted the help of some Journalism students from across Ontario to help with some articles as they look to continue working towards a career in the industry. By getting more people involved, we hope that the love and appreciation for Canadian collegiate basketball will continue to grow.

[Keep track of each day in the calendar here]

From the ACAA to the PacWest, and the AUS through to the Canada West, everyone has a story. We want to tell as many as we can. With so many unique journeys currently playing out on the court, on the sidelines, and in the stands, our goal is to bring awareness to as many student-athletes, coaches, parents, and teams as we can.

The calendar will not take away from our regular pieces, like the Starting Five, as we will continue our regular coverage through to the holiday break.

With the holiday season now in full swing, we hope that you enjoy our take on an Advent calendar. Happy holidays from all of us at CCR Canada, and enjoy the countdown to Christmas Day with some interesting stories from all across Canada.

– T. Bennett



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