Cape Breton Alum Hannah Brown Signs Professional Contract in Germany

Brown, Hannah (2)
After a storied five-year career at Cape Breton, forward Hannah Brown will begin her professional career in Germany. (Source: Cape Breton Post) (Header: U Sports)

SYDNEY, N.S. — After a storied five-year career with the Cape Breton Capers women’s basketball team, Cape Breton’s own Hannah Brown has signed a contract to play at the professional level in Germany.

Hannah just recently joined her teammates of the TK Hannover club and will be competing at the highest level of women’s basketball in the country.

Hannah started playing basketball at the age of 9 after attending a kid’s basketball camp at the Sullivan Field House and began dreaming about someday playing for the Capers. From that moment on she became dedicated to the sport, put in countless hours at the gym, and eventually made her dreams a reality.

In her third season with the team, she played an integral role in winning the AUS championship, but her fifth and final season was her best. Hannah led her team to an 18-2 record while taking home AUS MVP, AUS First Team All-Star & U-Sports First Team All-Star honours.

She also broke the CBU single-season scoring record and the single-season rebounding record for both CBU and the whole AUS.

With her university career coming to an end, it was time to look at living out another dream. Hannah had always wanted to travel, and her goal was to use her skills on the court to make that happen. Hannah hired an agent and put them in charge of finding her a place to play – preferably in Germany.

“The recruitment process for pro is fairly different from the university recruitment process,” said Brown. “A lot of the work is put on your agent to promote you to other clubs. This for me was difficult because for most of this process, I had to be patient and trust that opportunities will come when they are supposed to.”

“My focus was to play in Germany. It has always been a dream of mine to explore the country and to be given the opportunity to do what I love while I’m there is a pretty amazing feeling.”

Hannah just recently arrived in Hannover and it did not take her long to get a taste of what the competition will be like at the pro level. Two days after getting settled into her new apartment, she set off to Italy to take part in a preseason tournament against a few NCAA division 1 teams out of the United States.

“In my few games of experience, I have noticed that the game is very fast-paced and physical,” added Brown. “I have also noticed that there is a wider age range on different teams overseas. This, in my opinion, is a huge advantage for younger players like me who want to learn and develop their basketball IQ to this level of play. I am learning in a new league and am really enjoying my time here.”

Moving to a new country and making the jump to the pros can be tough, but Brown feels that her time at CBU has prepared her for this big moment.

“My coaches, Fabian Mackenzie and Doug Connors were two major contributors to my overall development and gave me the confidence to break through any barriers that I set for myself,” said Brown. “I truly feel like my five years of being coached by those two has put me in a position to feel prepared for this new chapter, not only from the basketball side but how they develop the people they coach.”

“The athletic department has played a huge role in my amazing experiences at CBU. Every time I walk through those doors, I feel supported and enlightened by everyone there. I can always rely on them for support, great conversations, and laughs when need be. My education at CBU and being able to work with so many international students has inspired me to travel and learn in a different country. My professors have inspired me to think outside of the box and understand the value of taking opportunities when they come. CBU always has and always will be a huge contributor to my success in life. The lessons I have learned and the people I have been lucky to get to know will be something that I will cherish forever. I will certainly miss my CBU family this year, but I will be cheering and watching closely online.”

Hannah will use the next month getting settled into her new home and getting used to playing with her new teammates. The TK Hannover will have their first regular-season game at the end of September, and the season will continue through the spring of 2020.

The team will travel all over Germany for games and Hannah plans to use any extra time she has to explore the cities & countryside and hopefully learn a little German along the way.

– T. Bennett

Information from the Cape Breton Capers contributed to this post.

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