2020-21 RSEQ Recruits

Here are the recruits that have committed to any of the ten schools from across the RSEQ for the 2020-21 season. Women are listed in GREEN, while the Men are listed in BLUE.

Links to the player announcements, articles, or other social media posts can be found by clicking on the names of the players themselves on the list.

RSEQ Recruits to Date (as of July 16th, 2020): 61 (31 – Women; 30 – Men)

Team Player Name Position Hometown Previous Team Date
Champlain Lennoxville Quendara Provo G Auburn H.S. 4/30/2020
Champlain Lennoxville Tamia Laborde-Sutton G Scarborough Blues 3/31/2020
Champlain Lennoxville Matyia David F Auburn High School 3/25/2020
Champlain Lennoxville Laurie Lafleur G Rochebelle, QC 3/12/2020
Vanier Yanis Malanda G Seminaire Saint-Francois 3/1/2020
Nomades de Mont. Sabrina Petion PAGE Basketball 2/29/2020
Vanier Malik Montero G Secondaire de Gerard-Filion 2/26/2020
Dawson Zach ?? Sun Youth Juvenile 2/25/2020
Dawson Jonathan ?? Sun Youth Juvenile 2/25/2020
Vanier Arnaud Konan G Dynastie 2/24/2020
Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu Alexia Chaput Marie River High School 2/9/2020
Champlain Lennoxville Manuella Granage G Aix-en-Provence, France 2/7/2020
Sainte-Foy Andy Mounkala G Seminaire Saint-Francois 2/4/2020
Sainte-Foy Ariston Boutsoki G Seminaire Saint-Francois 2/4/2020
College Brebeuf Yanis Bamba St. Laurent Express 2/3/2020
College Brebeuf Gabriel Bourdages F Phenix de Nicolas-Gatineau 2/3/2020
Dawson Hassane Djim 1/31/2020
Nomades de Mont. Maude Lauzon Secondaire Felix-Leclerc 1/31/2020
John Abbott Yousef Beckles Brookwood Basketball 1/31/2020
John Abbott Joshua Mensah Brookwood Basketball 1/31/2020
Dawson Gabriel Bergeron Leaders Basketball 1/27/2020
John Abbott Jalan Davis Loyola High School 1/23/2020
John Abbott Carter ?? Loyola High School 1/23/2020
Vanier Jo-Daniel Cegliastro G/F College Laval 1/21/2020
Vanier Chris Everard F 1/14/2020
Dawson Nakesha Jeauvin. St-EX Basketball 1/10/2020
Dawson Tshawn Bois LaSalle Leaders 1/10/2020
Sainte-Foy Carli Michaud Seminaire St-Joseph 1/9/2020
Champlain Lennoxville Lea Boulanger F College Charles LeMoyne 12/19/2019
Sainte-Foy Raphaelle ?? 12/16/2020
Vanier Jaheem Joseph G St. Laurent Express 12/15/2020
Vanier Louis Daoust G/F St. Laurent Express 12/15/2020
Edouard Montpetit Xxavier Pierre-Dalce CSJV Basketball 12/14/2020
Edouard Montpetit Angelo Nimaga 12/13/2020
Edouard Montpetit William Cote 12/13/2020
Edouard Montpetit Alex LaFrance 12/13/2020
Edouard Montpetit Jahcob ?? 12/13/2019
Nomades de Mont. Elinore Fosua St. Laurent Express 12/10/2019
Nomades de Mont. Thamila Abbani CSJV Basketball 12/9/2019
Champlain Lennoxville Sophie St. Laurent G/F La Ruche, QC LBA 12/7/2019
Sainte-Foy Eldrick Rivard Secondaire Jean-de-Brebeuf 12/4/2019
Sainte-Foy Charles-Antoine Tremblay Mustangs de Dominique-Racine 11/30/2019
Dawson Basma Ezzerouali St-EX Basketball 11/29/2019
Dawson Eden Monka St-EX Basketball 11/29/2019
Dawson Amanda Cruick-shank St. Laurent Express 11/29/2019
Dawson Maheva Ngassam Secondaire de Gerard-Filion 11/29/2019
Dawson Sharmela Reid MDG LaSalle 11/29/2019
Dawson Lily Rose Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/29/2019
Dawson Julia Denis Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/29/2019
College Brebeuf Nicholas Menard CDSL Basketball 11/28/2019
Nomades de Mont. Mariami Diallo Toupey St. Laurent Express 11/27/2019
Nomades de Mont. Stecy Morancy St. Laurent Express 11/27/2019
Champlain Lennoxville Juliette Hamel G Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/23/2019
Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu Charlotte Gagne F 11/21/2019
Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu Zoe Tiernan G 11/21/2019
Champlain Lennoxville Elodie Garneau G C.C.L. 11/19/2019
Sainte-Foy Jaden Jeudy G Mustangs de Dominique-Racine 11/17/2019
Saint Jean-sur-Richelieu Rosalie Mercille G Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Riverains 11/17/2019
Nomades de Mont. Cathryn Lamothe Secondaire Gerard-Filion 11/16/2019
Champlain Lennoxville Marjorie Marquis F Seminaire Saint-Francois 11/10/2019
Sainte-Foy Pier-Olivier Brisson Secondaire Paul-HUbert 10/24/2019

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The list of CCAA Recruits for the 2020-21 season was inspired by Martin Timmerman and his tireless work covering U Sports men’s and women’s basketball.

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