Four Quarters Media to Introduce Courtside Seats Program for Students Across Canada

SAIT Bench
Have an interest in covering Men’s or Women’s Basketball at either the U Sports or CCAA levels? The Courtside Seats Program may be an option for you! (Source: SAIT Trojans) (Header: Carleton Ravens)

SARNIA, Ont. — We’ll get right to the point. We’re looking to expand our team at Four Quarters Media.

As we enter a 2020-21 season that’s still in the air with the uncertainty surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, things are going to look a little bit different. While things are constantly in a state of flux in the World, the goal at Four Quarters Media remains the same with each passing day.

We are the No. 1 independent outlet for news, headlines, rankings, recruits, podcast, and more surrounding U Sports and CCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

That direction hasn’t changed, and with a longer break now before the season starts, it’s now more important than ever to keep the conversation going around the game of basketball in Canada to keep the interest level growing.

So, here’s what the Courtside Seats Program is all about.

We’re looking for students, or recent graduates, who are looking to gain experience with sports writing or a related field. The focus is to help students build a portfolio that they can then take with them into potential interviews and showcase their published work.

When the original College Court Report was started back in 2014, the focus was to help build a resume and gain experience in the industry when there weren’t as many opportunities to do so. The hope is to help inspire more people to pursue their career in Sports Media by giving them the opportunity to put into practice the things they have learned in the classroom.

Here are some of the areas that we are looking to fill:

  • Writers
    • We are looking for two types of writers: School-Specific writers that will cover a team in-depth, or General Contributors that can cover a province/conference overall. Creativity is more than encouraged, so if you have an idea on a story that you want to write, pitch it and roll with it from there.
    • The intention is that if an individual chooses to be a School-Specific writer, they will be committing to cover both the Men’s and Women’s programs.
    • If there are multiple people interested in covering one particular school, there will be max two (2) writers per school, with the intention of having at least one (1) writer covering as many schools as possible from coast to coast.
  • Photographers / Videographers
    • While it’s hard to shoot a live event when there aren’t any live events taking place, we can plan for whenever games resume and media/fans are allowed on the premises. Any photos or videos that are taken and provided to Four Quarters Media will be put into a Photo Library for future use (articles, social media posts, etc.) and in albums on the Four Quarters Media Facebook page, with photo credit given to the photographer.
  • Graphic Designers
    • We are looking to add some individuals with Graphic Design experience to the mix to elevate our Social Media presence and improve the overall quality of the work we put out. Current projects may include our weekly rankings, all-star teams, headers for posts, podcast graphics, and/or Starting Five graphics.
    • Similar to the Writers, the Graphic Designers could be team-specific, or province/league-wide on a broader scale.

These positions are Volunteer based, and are designed to help build or bolster a resume/portfolio that can help down the road. We would never ask for work with Four Quarters Media to be put ahead of school work, part-time jobs, or full-time jobs.

The intention is to help grow the coverage and level of attention surrounding Men’s and Women’s Basketball at both the U Sports and CCAA levels, all while providing an opportunity for individuals to gain hands-on experience and apply the methods and lessons they learn in the classroom.

There will be a few minor standards to meet (minimum word length of articles, graphic design colours, story turnaround time, etc.), but the primary focus will be on the individual’s creativity and allowing their personality to shine through.

If you’re interested in joining the team at Four Quarters Media, click here to fill out the Google Form and then be on the lookout for a response in the coming days after.

For any team(s) that one wishes to cover, Four Quarters Media will reach out on your behalf to the specified programs to set up a Media Pass for the season.

– T. Bennett


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